Jon Pitts loves the possibilities that exist in common materials. He has been a passionate do-it-yourself artist since childhood. What started as a pocket knife and sticks on camping trips has turned into full-time self employment. Believing that something wonderful lies even within pieces of wood that others throw away, Jon seeks to divine the extraordinary locked inside the ordinary.     

Woodcrafty is an attempt to bring new life to discarded wood:  broken skateboards, furniture beyond repair, and scrap material from others who work with wood. Different colors of wood are the palette, which are then cut and assembled by hand to produce patterns and images. In a world dominated by mechanized industry, Woodcrafty takes shape one step at a time in the loving hands of its creator.

Woodcrafty's pieces emerge from small blocks of wood, refinement arising from chaos, noise and, saw dust; they evoke the sensation that Jon wants to convey to everyone who cherishes the incalculable beauty found in the world around us.